A few words about us

Our History.

Real Curry Recipes was developed for curry lovers who were wanting to learn how to cook food in their own kitchens at home just like you would buy from your local Indian restaurant or takeaway. Other websites exist but none have the support from actual working Indian restaurants or takeaways and are therefore providing only a guess as to the actual recipes used in working establishments.

Real Curry Recipes has the backing and sponsorship of a growing number of outlets, all of these in full support of this website.

We are constantly offered further recipes from a growing number of restaurants and takeaways and these will be added to the site in due course.

All the recipes on our site come from genuine restaurants and takeaways, and come with the full backing of many years of experience and knowledge from the owners and chefs.

The Future.

Real Curry Recipes will continue to grow, expand and develop at a rate that is suited to our member base and to the needs of this website.

As more and more of the Asian restaurant and takeaway market join forces with RCR the more choice will be available for our members.


The Real Curry Recipes Team consists of a large range of skilled people from the sponsors, owners, chefs, cooks and employees of all our recipe sources. The on-site team of site administrators keep everything running on a day to day basis.

Jesica Simpson

We also have all the background team from our copyright agents at DepositCopyright.com through to Copyscape and Copytrace who are continually searching the internet for copyright infringements.

We also have a legal team who look after all our Sponsors and the various websites.


By choosing Real Curry Recipes you are joining the largest and fastest growing Indian curry recipe website on the internet today. The only one with direct access and support from actual Indian restaurants and takeaways.